For Energy and Dynamism Anatolia’s Blue Gold: Chalcedony

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Our passion for unique beauty of Blue Chalcedony keeps us going on to produce high quality of Jewellery and ornaments over 20 years.

Valued and traded Chalcedony from the ancient civilizations, takes its international name from the port of Kalkedonia ( historic name of port Istanbul-Kadıköy) during the fiirst Export in Roman period.

Sea Blue, Sky Blue… There is “LIFE” in these stones…

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Anatolia’s Blue Gold : CHALCEDONY

In history of Anatolia, trading relations has been started BC 3000. Afterwards, trade continued in Egypt, Mesopotamia, Caucasia, Thrace. Anatolia’s first exported material are precious stones and row materials.

kalsedon anasayfa orta hammadde

Smell historic stones of us, shaping in hands of our masters.

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anasayfa orta melekkolye
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