Chalcedony search and studies started in 1975 in Eskişehir by the company. Though April 11,1997 the company has been registered as SIRRI GERCIN KALSEDON MADEN ISLETMELERİ TIC. LTD. STI. Mrs. Birsen Gerçin is the Managing Director, she and her team are conducted since 1975 of their goal only to introducing the Turkish Chalcedony worldwide.Advt. Mrs. Birsen Gerçin is a member of the Gemology Association and give a great effort for the introduction of  Anatiolian Chalcedony brand in domestic and international market. . The world's richest best quality Chalcedony mineral deposit is the region Saricakaya near to Eskişehir. The Company has a wide variety of a potential market in China ,Hong Kong, India, Japan, Taiwan, Germany and the United States.